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In the Parentheses vs. Out the Parentheses



We’ve all heard this (if you can call it) subculture of the ITP vs OTP, or for you thousands of newcomers: In the Perimeter vs. Out the Perimeter, the Perimeter being the Beltway that encircles the great city of Atlanta and other inner cities and neighborhoods, Interstate 285.  There are sooooo many differences between areas in and out that are too nameless to mention but it brought a deep thought to my mind for some time.  I’m in the planning stages of moving to a new place, and due to my urban planner and Milennial mentality, I have a huge dislike for anything beyond the Great Wall of Atlanta.  But if I were to live anywhere outside of 285, where would it be? 

For starters, since I’m such a transit snob, it would have to be somewhere at least on a MARTA bus line.  I always liked the thrill of having to travel long distances to get to a place.  However, it would be hard for late night fraternizing in Midtown or at a late showing movie, so a rail station would have to be necessary.  (Bikers still don’t get any love at night).  I’d probably throw my hat in the ring for Dunwoody. Reasons?  A) Perimeter Mall (second most-popular shopping paradise  next to Lenox), B) Direct MARTA access to elsewhere (Keith Parker is rumored to live near and take MARTA on in from here…) C) Walkability (not the greatest, but better than cookie-cutter anywhere else).  

Sure, Dunwoody is seen as a Stepford Wives suburb of prestige and a newer commuter business district, but it somewhat intrigues me as how quickly it blossomed over time.  It used to be a cow pasture in the early 1970’s to now holding a couple of four-star hotels, a mega mall, and a couple of Fortune 500 Companies.  But for me, I’d rather stay in the real reason why anything else here in the area still exists. (City of Atlanta) 


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