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Save Atlanta’s Playtime!!!



Well, all you cool cats, pimps, skanks, johns and scalawags out there, you’ve been saved.  The Atlanta City Council voted Monday to block the legislation that would ink the rezoning of the Cheshire Bridge Road corridor, razing it of its world-famed adult businesses, video bars, sex and smoke shops.  However, I still can’t help to think WHY after all of these years, someone gets their balls up to wanna stand up and make a change?

  If you haven’t kept up with the story, a few months ago Council member Alex Wan proposed a measure to “redevelop” business along Cheshire Bridge Road.  That meant the sex shops, strip clubs, and even some car washes and consignment shops would be evacuated for a plan that doesn’t seem to really go anywhere.  I even looked at some of the proponents of the measure saying that they wanted Cheshire Bridge to be among the likes of Little Five Points and Virginia Highlands…comparing a sprawled-out thoroughfare to two walkable neighborhoods. That’s original. Thinking about it, this whole fiasco sound awfully familiar with the smoke and clouds known as The Streets of Buckhead (which we all seem to have very little faith in- let’s be real). I honestly though it was a ploy to bring him back into good terms (and office) with the locals there because he was recently given the shame of being voted “Least Progressive Atlanta Council member”.  And I thought Kwanza Hall was a bad dude. 

    Consider this a win for Atlanta once again.  The city has failed to create an overall identity for itself, and this guy might have just stuck a dagger straight through the heart of what we could consider our bread and butter.  Yeah, Smut Road looks tacky for any soccer moms living in adjacent Morningside and Linridge Manor, but the reality is that it has been there for YEARS. If you don’t like how a neighborhood looks on the inside and out, maybe you should just move.  Sam Massell killed Buckhead Village years ago and now there isn’t a stitch of progress on the new project that would have replaced where college kids, young professionals, and tourists called home. (because they were too drunk to drive).  Atlanta has to seriously move out of this “next big thing” trend with mixed-use development and focus on restoring what we already have. Hint Hint to Avalon in Alpharetta…


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