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Funkytown USA


I’m feeling a little nostalgic today as I listen to Daft Punk’s latest album, Random Access Memories.  Being a huge history buff, I randomly scrounge through pics of Atlanta pre-Olympics.  Wow, what a time.  Most notably, I can’t help but wonder how the city got away with permitting all of the discotheques, music halls, and gentlemen’s clubs that dotted much of the city.  Also, what made Atlanta such an attractive place then prior to what it is now?

We can all argue that 1970’s Atlanta is WAAAAAY different than what it is now. I may not have lived it, but from what I researched, 70′ Atlanta would get so many cool points than what today has coughed up. The Omni was not a convention space but a party zone with a short-lived amusement park, and a restaurant/disco lounge based on fellow Georgian actor, Burt Reynolds.  MARTA wasn’t much but bus service until the introduction of heavy rail in the summer of ’79, and EVERYONE rode the bus.  Sitting at the bus stop was apparently cool.  Midtown was the counterculture capital of the South (and kinda remains in a way), and Limelight was the Studio 54 of the South as well.  Maynard Jackson must have been a real cool cat to preside over a hip city then.  I wish Kasim could relax a little and let our city go!

What are some of your nostalgic Atlanta stories?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you remember back in the day.

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