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Beverly Hills, 30339

ImageA couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of regaining my financial strength during my sophomore year of college by working at a Jimmy John’s in the posh suburban community of Vinings. If you haven’t visited this part of town, I highly recommend it. (That’s a first with it being over in Cobb-land).  It was once the site of the Boy Scout Troop under Bert Adams and also a occupation point of the Union troops as they advanced on Atlanta, having ravaged Kennesaw Mountain.  Today, it is a quiet, yet bustling edge city with many business headquarters and firms, including the Home Depot worldwide headquarters, eclectic eateries like Oriental Express, Noche, and local favorite, Canoe.  I noted Vinngs for its wonderful walkability and integration of office space with the rest of the small-town charm of the community.  You would never know that there were three gargantuan-sized Overlook skyscrapers on that hill with all of that development at Vinings Jubilee.  The railroad track is a pain, though, and can snarl traffic from Cobb Parkway to I-285.  I’ve always suggested that location should be a stop for the future commuter rail that Cobb badly needs.  

What’s in the future for this booming bedroom community?  Just peek over on the other side of the tracks (literally) in the Cumberland CID.  Riverwood is still in its constuction stages for a mixed-use development, and Park Vinings is slated to open soon for condo enthusiasts. Hotels are popping over off Cumberland Boulevard and Akers Mill, and Cumberland Mall is going through (yet again) more changes to its tenants.  

So if you’re needing to take a break from the norm, head o’er the Hooch to Vinings.  It seriously looks like you stepped onto St. Simons Island.  Also, for the record, the use of the phrase “Smynings” must cease and desist immediately. Two different places, people.


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